See what some of our past customers have to say about us:

By a made margin the biggest selection at the best prices.
– Jason Palmer
I always go to Belzers Hardware for my hardware needs because I get personal service and they are well-stocked. Recently I needed to purchase some type of hardware to join two wires together that were connected to a lamp in my home’s outside malibu lights. I didn’t know exactly what to buy, but one of the staff listened to my description of the wires that needed to be joined and recommended some small sized wire caps. I purchased a small package of the small sized wire caps and they worked perfectly to join the malibu light’s lamp wires together I highly recommend Belzers Hardware because they are well-stocked and provide personal service.
– Julie Goodwin
Just was there last week to get some drywall screws and other misc items. Great one-on-one service. It’s good to have a local hardware store close-by.
– Mahesh Neelakanta
This place has everything you need to fix or build a home! They are a certified chipkey center, and battery replacement for either Domestic or Imports car keys. The staff is really friendly and professional. They also fix electric razors, and have a hobby shop inside! Great experience overall!
– Dennis Patino
This store is amazing and has everything you need!!! I love it and go at least every other week for cleaning supplies… If you are a home owner, you’ll llove it too.
– David Cox
I am a real estate agent, and I get Keys cut all the time for my properties. Whenever I get Keys cut at Belzers, they always work!!!! I used to go to so many other places for years, and my keys would sometimes work , and sometimes not, and that is so frustrating in this business. If you need keys copied, get them done at Belzers!!!!
– Marry Marrineo